Saturday, December 15, 2007

WeeGo Glass Bottles

Found this great glass bottle option online .. WeeGo glass bottle by Babylife.

Babylife is reintroducing glass baby bottles, because of the recent concern over leaching chemicals in plastic baby bottles - but with a new design and safety twist: the bottle is covered with a modern sleeve that will help protect the bottle from breakage and also prevent bumping into other articles in your diaper bag.

WeeGO is baby bottle that is bisphenol A, phthalate, PVC and polycarbonate-free.

Haven't seen this in NZ, but please leave a comment if you know if any stockists.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

earth friendly actvities at The Blueberry Farm over summer

The Blueberry Farm are running fun eco-friendly activities for 3 years+ run throughout January and February.

Activities are include: learning to make a simple vege garden from a hay bale, making organic blueberry icecream and worm farm races!

These activities are being run by "Between the Blues", an Organic Environmental Education trust that has created an engaging hands-on living laboratory on the Blueberry Farm.
The goal of this classroom without walls is to develop children’s
􀂙 environmental awareness and sensitivity,
􀂙 deepen their knowledge and understanding ,
􀂙 create earth friendly attitudes and values,
􀂙 develop their environmental skills and commitment
by allowing them to experience creating an organic environment first hand by participating in fun and thought provoking activities on the Certified Organic grounds of the Blueberry Farm in Upper Hutt.

Entry by Koha (donation) to the trust.

Monday, December 03, 2007

I just had my first organic sugaring experience, so for something different, I'll tell you about it.

Organic Hand Sugaring is virtually unheard of in NZ - there is only one current practitioner, who just happens to be in my neighbourhood - Lower Hutt!

It is an ancient Middle Eastern method of hair removal that has been updated to the 21st century. As a sign of purity and cleanliness, a Middle Eastern bride-to-be would have all her body hair removed and and organic hand sugaring was the most effective way fo achieving this with the least amount of discomfort (although like waxing of course there is some discomfort).

Organic Hand Sugaring definitely leaves the skin feeling softer and silkier as the sugar paste exfoliates at the same time. It is made from all natural ingredients - lemon juice, sugar and water. Jane (who runs her home-based practice in Lower Hutt) also uses special corn-starch powder (not talcum) before applying the paste. All her soaps and lotions are SLS free. Jane who has international qualifications in Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Organic Sugaring also practices reflexology and aromatherapy massage at her Maungaraki (Lower Hutt) home. No web site. Phone 04 566 9876 for enquiries.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

WonderToast onsies!

WonderToast Wonders About: The Alphabet!

... is Anna Woltz's first children's comic, released in July 2007. Anna has also released a coordinating line of children's clothing and organic onsies - with her very popular food characters such as K is for kimchi and N is for nigiri.

Check it out!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Made in New Zealand

Fun pressie ideas for the Christmas season:

Our "Made in NZ" pack is ideal for babies 1st Christmas.

For older tots, nothing is more kiwiana than a bucket and spade. Especially when the bucket can be used for baby wipes or at the beach and comes with DandelioNZ buzzy bee wipes!

Real vs fake tree?
Choosing a real Christmas tree over a fake tree is still the environmentally sound choice!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

eco baby showers

Eco baby showers are becoming highly fashionable events - Sheryl Crow was just thrown one for her new baby!
But throwing one doesn't necessarily have to be a star studded event.

Check out our Baby Gift page for ideas .... and contact us if you would lke advise on planning your eco-nursery.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

New DandelioNZ print now in store

DandelioNZ wipes come in some fun, colourful prints and the latest edition to our range is no exception....
This little guy is irresistable!

View our Gift Page.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

eco news summary

I subscribe to Environ News Australia and a couple of significant headlines captured my attention over the last week....

Population Pressure takes Earth to its limits
The United Nations' Global Environment Outlook-4 report, released in New York, reveals a scale of unprecedented ecological damage, with more than 2 million people possibly dying prematurely of air pollution and close to 2 billion likely to suffer absolute water scarcity by 2025. Put bluntly, the report warns that the 6.75 billion world population, "has reached a stage where the amount of resources needed to sustain it exceeds what is available".

Organic Food is Safer and Healthier (4 year EU investigation shows)

"magic beads" toy withdrawn...

As yet another toxic toy is discovered - Bindeez beads sets ( This serves as another huge warning to shoppers to be very cautious about composition of the toys they are buying for children - particularly with Christmas just around the corner.

For plenty of great choices in wooden toys and organic cotton toys, check out our where to shop directory.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

babylicious - style for small people

Babylicious have just opened their new design store - Wanda Harland at 148 Jackson St in Petone, Wellington.

They have added organic onsies and tees to their stylish range for little people.

Go Martha!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

This is Pure Genius!

Finding organic clothing beyond the baby sizes, can be tricky...

Presenting Pure Genius .... a new fashion range that children love to wear, without wearing out the world – this is Pure Genius
Pure Genius is a wholly New Zealand owned company based in Auckland.

Loving it...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Organic Island Baby opens store in Devonport

Organic Island Baby has opened a store in Devonport (as close as they could get to Waiheke Island)

Shop 7, Devonport Wharf with amazing all day views of the ocean and ferry’s coming and going ...

They have organic ranges from Under The Nile and Disana, along with 2 styles of slings from Joanne's friend and neighbour on Waiheke, Vibeke at Dolce & Zoet.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Tips to reduce climate change

The BIGGEST change you can make is to leave you car at home for trips less than 2km. Apparently this is one-third of all the car trips we make!

This would save 1710kg (of Co2) or $1200 per year for the average NZ family.

Buy a more fuel-efficent car - see our article on Greener Motoring.
Just switching to a car that uses 6 litre of fuel per 100km rather than 8 litres would save the average family 640kg Co2 or $450.

Also, turn off your car when idling for more than 10 seconds (Zoe-B Weekly)

Other tips include:
- reduce your use of electric heaters (with electricity prices most of us are doing that anyway!)
- take shorter showers and use an aerated flow showerhead
- wash clothes in cold water
- replace your five most used light bulbs with compact fluorescent ones
- put insulating wrap around your hwc
- turn off appliances (esp your computer) when not in use
- check the energy efficient ratings on appliances when you buy them
- buy local!

see if you would like a copy of their Pocket Guide.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth

If you haven't seen "An Inconvenient Truth," which won an Academy Award earlier this year, you must!

Former Vice President Al Gore, is the newly named co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, said Friday that global warming is the most dangerous challenge facing humanity. This film spells it out in black and white. (

Initially, I held back from seeing the film because I thought I might get too depressed! But Al Gore tells it like it is without getting hysterical and you realise, we can all play our part in the way we live and purchasing decisions we make.

The film title is so apt, we live in a society of convenience - fast foods, convenience meals, microwaves, cellphones, disposable nappies etc etc.

Likewise, Natural Parenting is not always "convenient", you have to go to extra effort to source purchases, grow or buy organic food but it has its' rewards!

I also attended an address yesterday by (Jeanette Fitzsimons, Green Party) on climate change. What the "Inconvenient Truth" and this address made me realise is that the world just isn't going to be around for our precious next generation, unless we all take drastic action NOW.

The Green Party have published a pocket guide on ways you can make a personal contribution to reduce Co2 emissions (see my next blog).

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Little Orchard

Little Orchard stock Lotte Franklin and Anknel and Burblets products; organic skin and haircare, baby-safe aromatherapy, blank greeting cards, photographic prints and limited edition bags, purses, and makeup and pencil cases. All our products are hand made in New Zealand.

Watch this space, new products for mums + babes and hands + feet coming mid October.

Organic Earth Mama Angel Baby

Check out Earth Mama Angel Baby®, the only line of 100% natural skin and body care products to support the entire birth process: pregnancy, labor, postpartum and c-section recovery, breastfeeding, baby care and even the loss of a baby. Pure, natural products and gifts for pure, natural mamas and babies!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Organic & Ethical Fashion Links

It's a worldwide trend. Clothing labels are starting to embrace Organic and eco friendly fabric, and as John Patrick said "Companies that don't look into using recycled goods or choosing biodegradable elements are quickly becoming archaic".

This is starting to catch on in NZ - with designers like Kate Sylvester launching her High Summer five-piece organic cotton collection, featuring recycled buttons. Karen Walker stores already have Levis Eco Jeans and they are coming to Levis stores around NZ (later this year). Workshop have some styles that use undyed organic yarn that is bio-washed to give a naturally worn-in feel. The clothing scene in NZ is definitely set to change.

Many of the web sites listed below are overseas but just browsing them is to dream ... happy window shopping!

New Zealand:
Fernbird Eco Store - check out their new web site
Kate Sylvester
Untouched World
Lisa Gorman (Australia) available at selected stores in NZ
TerraPlana footwear is available at selected stores in NZ.

Overseas: Organic Denim - check out Del Forte (USA) and Levis Store (USA).Organic Designer - check out The Natural Store (UK), Camilla Norback (Stockholm), John Patrick (USA), Passenger Pigeon (Canada), Beklina (USA)

Recycled Leather bags - Ashley Watson.

Shoes with a cause - Tom's Shoes.TOMS Shoes starts with a simple idea. If you buy a pair of shoes, founder Blake Mycoskie will donate an equal pair to a deserving child.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

e-waste recycling day - 29/30 September

Got any e-waste?

A community initiative to stop thousands of old computers, mobile phones, printers and other hazardous "e-waste" from being dumped in landfills is going national (

This year eDays are being held in 12 regions around the country from September 29-30.

Visit for more information.

in auckland this weekend?

check out the ecostore baby festival.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

eco fabulous is a blog site focused on design that respects ecology, sustainability as well as aesthetics. It is too fabulous, Check it out!

Modelling clay

Check out this article and warnings on modelling clay.

If you are wondering if Playdoh is ok, how stuff works lists all the "secret ingredients", also some recipes for homemade stuff...

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Compostable water bottles!

Been doing lots of reading about plastic water bottles and other options...

PET plastic is a petroleum product.

NZ statistics: (
In 2004 28,000 tonnes of plastic packaging was recycled (20% of the plastic packaging consumed in New Zealand), making PET recycling approximately 30% of the total recycled material.

U.S. statistics:
In the U.S., because it is presently recycled at such low rates, tens of billions of new plastic bottles must be manufactured each year from virgin materials—fossil fuels—to replace those bottles that were not recycled. The Container Recycling Institute estimates that approximately 18 million barrels of crude oil equivalent were consumed in 2005 to replace the 2 million tons of PET bottles that were wasted instead of recycled.

The good news is that degradable and bio-based plastics are increasingly entering the market. Bio-based plastics are projected to increase to 10% of the world supply of plastic by 2020.

However, there are risks of contaminating recycling schemes because we don't have infrared recycling technology in NZ.

An example of bio products available are potato-starch plates (NZ) and corn-based PLA compostable water bottles - BIOTA (only available in the U.S.)

BIOTA is sold at select natural foods and gourmet supermarkets throughout the United States. Eventually, consumers across the United States will be able to purchase BIOTA from stores.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

More toxic scares

Last week it was formaldehyde levels in children's clothing.

Today, a web site visitor alerted me to the latest news scare in the US. The chemical Bisphenol-A (BPA) - which is commonly found in plastics and is known to leech out into food and liquids it is in contact with.

We already knew about the risks associated with using polycarbonate baby bottles and recommend the use of glass bottles instead.

However, it appears that Bisphenol-A is not just an ingredient in the plastics used in baby bottles, but toddler sipper cups and the resin lining of infant formula tins!

Tests showing the connection between Bisphenol-A (BPA) and health risks for children and pregnant women are numerous and conducted on both a national and international level.

Recently, 38 Independent Specialists in BPA toxicity from around the world issued a consensus statement saying that BPA present a clear risk to human health, including as a potential carcinogen and in abnormal sexual development.

Read more about research on BPA on the Environmental Working Group web site here (EWG is a nonprofit research organization based in Washington, DC that uses the power of information to protect human health and the environment).

What you can do?
- breastfeeding is best!
- use glass bottles for bottle feeding
- use non-polycarbonate sippy cups.
Tommy Tippee easiflow insulated bottle is polypropylene with a silicon straw (available in NZ supermarkets) or Klean Kanteen (stainless steel, with non-BPA plastic sipper)
- if you introduce your children to using a small glass as early as practicable, then the sippy cup will only be needed for car journeys etc
- we are in the process of investigating whether the resin is used in organic formula cans
- switch your child to organic cows milk or A2 milk (after 12 months)

-tell others and spread the word ... public outcry is the fastest way to effect change!

...any other ideas appreciated!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Rata & Ruby Organic Children's tees

.... at last organic children's wear inspired by aotearoa and contemporary maori design.

Rata & Ruby's organic cotton tees are designed in Raglan, NZ, then made with care by a hand selected manufacturer in India, they come back to NZ to be screen printed and add final touches before being sent out to stockists.

Check out Rata & Ruby online.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

organic veges knitting pattern

so plastic fruit is a no go. Neither's the wooden stuff (made in china) variety... what's a girl to do?

Start Knitting!
Check out these free knitting patterns - Jimmy Bean's Wool and Knitting Pattern Central.

I'll show you my finished results soon ....????


Dangerous toy recalls have dominated the news lately.

This article on ( talks about all the current recalls, why you shoud avoid toys made in China, and safe alternatives.

Thanks for this well researched article, it certainly should prompt us all to do an audit and clear out of our children's toys!

Here, at Organic Baby, the information in the media has prompted us to go through the Wooden Toy options in our directory and note (where known) more information including type of timber, whether organic oils and finishes used and country of origin.

Also on, there are a wide variety of other useful articles to read, also check out Ask the Eco Geek (for questions about solar power, compact fluorescent light bulbs, "green" computers, or other eco-friendly technologies).

Thursday, August 16, 2007

New article - Greener Motoring

Check out our new article on Greener Motoring - hybrids vs conventional petrol-driven options.

picture with permisssion -

Monday, August 13, 2007

Monsters in Mittens

The Monsters in Mittens Collection are hand-knitted, vintage-inspired pieces, made with pure Organic New Zealand Merino wool.

I love it! So vintage, so lacy and soooo organic!

M.I.M have used practical and stylish designs from the 50's, 60’s and 70’s as inspiration, hand-crafted in pure NZ Organic Merino.
M.I.M. range that keeps baby deliciously cosy in winter, cool in the summer and breathes with the skin. Pure Organic Merino absorbs excess moisture and keeps our babies’ skin dry and rash free.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Organic Grocer

New to Wellington is The Organic Grocer, located on the lower slopes of Ngaio Gorge Road (with free parking outside!).

The shop's interior is sleek, modern and uncluttered.... it's first class! and finally an organic cafe near central Wellington :)

Whether you're popping in for a coffee with friends or you're filling up your trolley with your weekly shop, The Organic Grocer provides you with the best quality natural and organic products plus the rewards of healthier and happier living. The Organic Grocer - 100% good for you.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Aroha Organic Goat Cheese

Located in Te Aroha New Zealand, Aroha Organic Goat Cheese is a
BIO GRO certified Goat's Cheese.

Don't these pictures of their baby goats (kids!) just make your heart melt!

Aroha Organic Goat Cheese is a speciality product with each cheese handcrafted using only methods that are one with nature. It is a round (wheel shaped) firm cheese a bit similar to the famous Dutch Gouda cheese but then made from organic goat milk.

Aroha only make cheeses from their own organic goat`s milk so between May and July their girls are on maternity leave and having a rest to prepare themselves for kidding in July.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Beware of Cheap Firewood!

Beware of neighbours offering you free firewood or traders selling building offcuts on Trade Me.
Building offcuts are always treated timber which is illegal to burn (for good reason).

"A Government-funded study released recently by the Ministry for the Environment confirms that air pollution from home heating, transport and industry causes almost 1,000 premature deaths in New Zealand each year and costs around $1.1 billion a year."

I have mentioned this practice to TM and hopefully this will be brought to a halt.

If you notice anyone burning treated timber, you can report them to your local Regional Council (they will have a Freephone number) . Link to Regional Councils.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Latest in a series of "Made in China" product recalls

Fisher Price Character toys - see Consumer 3rd August
Toothpaste - see Consumer 15 June
Thomas The Tank Engine - see Consumer 14 June

So how does the average parent know that wooden toys which are labelled "non-toxic", have been subjected to regular testing by the importer and are really non-toxic (and lead free?)

You don't according to Green Party spokeswoman, Sue Kedgely:
"Our consumer protection scheme is reactive, seemingly only responding when a scandal breaks overseas. It appears to be based on the notion all consumer products sold in New Zealand are safe and true to label – obviously naive, in the wake of recent controversy." (

What are the alternatives?
The only safe option seems to be to stick to:
- toys made in NZ
- wooden toys with eco-friendly non-toxic finishes

Alternatively, you can buy lead paint testing kits from paint stores ... but that seems a bit extreme.

Read about how high lead levels can affect young children.

Postscript: Some toys in NZ carry the CE mark. The CE mark is a declaration on manufactured products sold in the European Union (EU) that the item meets all the requirements of relevant EU directives. (

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Eco Bubs new merino range

Eco Bubs have just launched their Merino clothing range, and are looking forward to designing and launching their organic cotton range, later in the year.

Browse through their products knowing that the items are handmade in New Zealand with loving care.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

stylish baby gifts from Wildpoppies

Couldn't resist a blog about this these gorgeous baby gifts from Wildpoppies.

Many of the boxes include Nature Baby products and I especially love the Nature Baby Box and Vintage Pink box (Nationwide next day delivery).

One to bookmark for future baby gifts ...

Reducing carbon emissions in your kitchen

Reducing carbon emissions is a hot topic... I'd like to think we are all trying to do our "part" in reducing carbon emissions. But this can pose a real dilemma, what do you put first - your family's health or the global environment?

The Dom Post (28 July 2007) suggests we reduce our carbon imprint by using a microwave instead of a conventional oven to cook our food (reducing energy use by 70%). Most of us are aware of the dangers of microwave cooking. Sorry, you can't convince me to switch to microwave cooking.

Likewise, I confess, I choose buying organic over buying local (both would be nice but not always possible!).

what do you think???

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Concerns about GM High Lysine Corn

Today on National Radio, listen to this report on concerns by NZ scientists, over approval of the the sale and use of food derived from LY038 high lysine corn (for human consumption).

This corn has only been approved for animal consumption and has not been tested in its' cooked form. The scientists interviewed say there is ample scientific evidence to indicate that cooking high lysine corn will produce compounds which are highly hazardous to humans.

We will be the guinea-pigs that the corn is trialled on!!!

The decision will be made by Ministerial Council on Monday 23rd July (at the earliest)

Please note that this audio report is only available for a week.

For additional background information, see the Green Party web site.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Juniper Gallery

I like to mention new or fabulous NZ businesses I hear about, and here's one...

Juniper Gallery in Newtown, Wellington is not only a full service florist but are happily a "green" florist. Mindy (the owner) believes that a flower will survive for it's optimum time if given heaps of TLC, fresh water DAILY and kept in tepid conditions out of direct sunlight and not kept in a chiller using needless energy. She believes educating our customers on how they can preserve flowers naturally is most helpful and better for the environment.

They are also developing ways of composting their green waste with others in the Newtown community.

The Gallery stocks a range of great gifts (not organic) but some very useful items for baby including their own range of "Sewcherry baby bibs" and "Newtown Kids".

You can contact Mindy on 389 4058 .

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Melbourne Travel Log

I've just returned from 5 days in Melbourne. Great city but mental note to remember a brolly next time! I flew with Air New Zealand who have the good sense to choose Living Nature Products for their in-flight bathrooms - which was fortunate because I'd stashed all my toiletries in my luggage (due to the new regulations). I was travelling my two older children, so stayed in a great (upmarket) backpackers. Since I don't have a laptop, one advantage of staying at the backpackers is the internet room - I was able to check and reply to all my business emails. Had to detour from my largely organic diet for a couple of days but found some great organic stores on Days 2 and 3 - one at Spencer St Station (formerly Southern Cross) and one in Bridge St. Also spotted a restaurant in Fitzroy (Brunswick St) which is a great shopping area if you prefer vintage and recycled clothing ... I was in shopping heaven! Unfortunately my daughter is more of a Cotton On, Just Jeans, imported from China kind-of-girl but she'll see the (green) light one day!

Chinese Imported Foodstuffs & other goods

Listen to this alarming interview on Radio New Zealand on Tuesday 10th, regarding the import of foodstuffs (seafood, whitebait) and other goods from China.

This interview can heard on the Radio New Zealand web site for the next six days only.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Recycling # 5 plastic containers

Your local council will recycle plastics with #1 or #2 on the botttom.
Up until now there's been no-where to recycle the #5's.

Fortunately, Cyclops Yoghurts have come up with a solution. They have now established a recycling system in Wellington in conjunction with Commonsense Organics.

They will even recycle other companies polypropylene packaging. That means as long as it is clean and has no paper labels you can take all your clean # 5 packaging to any of the four Commonsense Organics Stores for recycling.

It is also worth mentioning that Commonsense Organics stores also take clean, used jam jars and plastic bags (which are recycled as grocery bags by other customers).

Please post comments about any other organics stores around NZ offering recyling services, so we can let others know.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Thomas Tank Engine Recall

After my attempt to get more light-hearted ... here's a recall to take note of and spread the word - Lead paint warning - Thomas & Friends Recall.

For NZ readers, check out the information on this recall from Consumer.

I read about this on a Blog I recently discovered - Eco Child's Play. They have some interesting information including an article on play structures and tanalised timber which I will be following up on soon (from a NZ perspective).

Dear Greenpeace...

Today I decided a more light-hearted blog was in order!

Dear Greenpeace by Simon James is a wonderful book. We received a copy many years ago - as a gift and it has become a family favourite. It is a story about Emily and her delightful letters to Greenpeace about the whale she firmly believes is living in her fishpond.

The latest version of this book comes with real envelopes, letters and postage stamps which will make the book even more exciting for toddlers.

Available through
or Fishpond (NZ $19.99).

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Energy Saving/Eco Bulbs - are they really that eco?

I have just been checking out EcoBob's forum ... some interesting stuff. If you haven't heard of EcoBob, the name EcoBob stands for ‘eco’, an abbreviation for ‘ecologically friendly’ and the acronym ‘bob’ which stands for ‘best of both’.

Anyway, a interesting fact on energy saving bulbs. Did you know that they contain mercury and should not be thrown in your household rubbish?

from the Eco Bulb web site:
Disposing of Energy Saving Bulbs at the End of their life Energy saving bulbs need special disposal, do not dispose with household rubbish. Dispose at your local refuse station; ask staff if they have recycling facilities as most materials can be recycled.
Disposing of Energy Saving Bulbs: The primary hazard associated with broken Ecobulbs is broken glass, so be sure to wear gloves when collecting fragments. In addition, broken bulbs fragments should be swept into a bag (NOT VACUUMED) and again taken to your local refuse station for recycling.

Surely, there should be some warning on the packaging? I checked the energy saving bulbs (Signature Range) in my cupboard. No mention of mercury, just some recycling symbols relating to the packaging!!!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Baby Powder

In the latest issue of OrganicNZ, they listed baby powder with talc as one of the top cancer-causing products in the average home (Organic NZ May/June 07, p32)

I always wondered about baby powder - especially as it seemed unneccessary in any case. The sad thing is alot people use talc out of habit without really thinking about it.

Check out this link for more information.

Bisphenol-A in bottles

Received an email this week and timely reminder about polycarbonate baby bottles.

Is it safe to use plastic baby bottles? Many parents are unaware that Bisphenol-A leeches out of baby bottles over time, particulary when heated. Links to more information on

Unfortunately, many parents heat baby's milk (and food) in a microwave, when a gentle heat in a beaker of warm water works just as well.

Glass bottles are freely available and quite safe - you just can;t let toddlers wonder around with them - which is a good habit not to get into anyway.

For older children: there is a new type of sipper bottle - I have just ordered one for my toddler -

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Gift Promotion - June

Purchase any gift in June, and be in to win a fabulous organic t-shirt. Draw open to NZ residents only.

We have one t-shirt to give away "Recyling is Rad" in a gorgeous red (will fit NZ size 2-3). Made in the US by

To enter, simply order any gift from our gift gallery in June and please copy us in on the email (as proof of purchase).

Te Ra

A belated blog on a great day out at the Te Ra School Fair in Raumati.

The weather was lousy and we arrived late but we had a fabulous time sampling all that was on offer - gorgeous Steiner inspired crafts and treasures, organic produce and ice cream of course!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Artifical sweeteners

A recent letter in the Organic NZ magazine alerted me to the fact that aspartame makes a great ant killer!

Not too much of a concern I thought until I realised that aspartame is actually common ingredients in many food items (not just diet drinks and low-calorie items).

I started to look around and wow - peppermints, chewing gum - all contain aspartame (950) or similar artifical sweeteners.

Not only that my daughter had a cough .... and do you think I could find a cough medicine in the chemists that didn't contain artifical sweetener.

It was enough to send me running for the nearest health shop (or sanctuary I should call it) where I found joy in a the form of a pottle of Annies peppermints (made with xyitol) and cough medicine sweetened with organic apple juice.

Pure bliss, followed by an uninterrrupted nights' sleep!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Let's get Crafty

I have just came across two fabulous books that look like a "must have" for any organic mum who can knit, sew or felt.
Nature Babies: Natural Knits and Organic Crafts for Moms, Babies, and a Better World - from These craft ideas incorporate the reduce, reuse, recycle principle. Love the sound of that.

Natural Knits for Babies and Moms: Beautiful Designs Using Organic Yarns - from Yum!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

New Organic Baby clothing store online

Check out Organic Baby Cupboard for a gorgeous selection of new and recycled labels from Organic & More, Under the Nile and Dimples. Gift certficates available.

Best ranking Childrens' Cereals have just launched a new Food & Kids section which has a great review on kids' cereals. Worth checking out because after all, breakfast is a most important start to your child's day.

P.S. My daughter gets very bored with cereals but just loves her Gorilla Munch!

Monday, April 30, 2007

Air freshener obsessions

The increasing popularity of air fresheners seems never-ending. People's homes, shops and even cars. Is it safe to leave the sanctity of your own odour-free home? At the weekend, I was in a small local shop when I overheard the owner exclaim to a customer that she had this wonderful smelling air freshener that squirted every 36 minutes but it had broken. She was busy fixing it, when it had caught her unawares and she got chemical nasties squirted her in the face.
That's it , I thought, I have less than 36 minutes to get out and made a hasty retreat!

What ever happened to fresh flowers, pure essential oils and natural lavender spray. Has the world gone mad?

Organic Wave gaining momentum

The latest news from Reuters via the Environment Society of Australia:
"Organic food sales grow by as much as 20 percent a year and were forecast for $16 billion during 2006, or nearly 3 percent of all U.S. food spending, the Organic Trade Association said at a pair of congressional hearings". Read more:

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Composting for disposable Nappies

The Nappy Store in Rangiora, have set up the first NZ commercial trial of turning disposable nappies into good quality compost.
R5, an international company have supplied the HotRot composting unit for the trial.
The Nappy Store are composting ALL types of disposable nappies.

The concept of composting disposable nappies was originally researched by an enterprising 14 year old, who won international recognition and awards for her science project in 2003.

After all, there's no point in even using eco-disposables if you don't dispose of them in an eco-friendly way.
Read more about how it works.
Read more about getting your nappies collected and composted.
For those of you living outside Canterbury, here are some links to composting tips.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Where to recycle cellphones & printer cartridges

Just heard about this business who recycle your cellphones and printer cartridges (in The U.S.A). Great service, good for the earth and a percentage is donated to charity.

For our NZ bloggers, you can order return old ink cartridges to Warehouse Stationery. I use Ink Post who also can refill and recycle your cartridges.

Old cellphones can apparently be returned to Telecom or Vodaphone.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Eco Places to stay and eat in NZ

Today I discovered a fabulous new site - Organic Explorer - eco places to stay, eat and explore in NZ. I've been waiting for this a long time. I'll certainly be refering to this for our next holiday. Yay, dodgy, smelly motel days are OVER!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Web site review

USA bloggers, check out our review on Focoloco organic tees.

Here's my toddler modelling one.

How to dispose of your old cellphone etc

Did you know that cellphone batteries contain nickel and cadmium, so should not be disposed of via the landfill?
We have just updated our recycling page with information on how to dispose of old cellphones, as well as other batteries and smoke alarms.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

ecostore on shorty street

has anyone else noticed (or is it just me) that whenever actors on Shortland Street are wiping down the kitchen or cafe tables - they are using ecostore products. (oops.. I confess, I'm a watcher, sometimes the brain just needs to blob by 7.30). Whilst I think it's fantastic that none of the actors on Shortland St are exposed to chemical chemical sprays, I can't help wishing deeply that this was the case in REAL LIFE! How many times have you sat down in a cafe to have your table (or one nearby) sprayed with some noxious orange or blue stuff (containing who knows what? ), the waiter sparing no thought for spray drift. Try not to even think about the fact your food has been prepared and handled on surfaces sprayed with this stuff (yuk!)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Asleep at the wheel

Our trip to the supermarket, turned into afternoon sleep time for my 3 yr old toddler. I was happily pushing the car around Woolworths, when I noticed a few bemused faces looking at us. I looked into the car only to find her asleep at the wheel. Wish I'd had my camera!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Say No to Plastic Bags

Do you take reusable bags to the supermarket? I'm amazed how few people do - it is quite depressing standing at the checkout feeling like you're the only person who cares :(

With the notable exceptions of:
The Golden Bay region -thanks to the efforts of the Golden Bay Bag ladies and the local council

Pak 'n Save supermarkets charge for plastic bags, so the majority of their shoppers use reusable bags or cardboard boxes.

The other supermarkets have made a token effort by sell reusable bags but whilst they continue to offer FREE plastic bags - they're missing the point.

Just imagine if the NZ government adopted the same policy as they do in Ireland - taxing plastic bags! I bet the change to reusable bags would be instant. That's my rant for today.

Blog worth checking out

Heard about a blog on TNN that I felt was worth sharing - ECO WORRIER. See the links at the bottom left of my blog.

Best recent post was the one about "clothes swops" -


Thursday, February 22, 2007

Amber Teething Necklaces

This week we were asked the following interesting question....
"Hi, we are searching for a babies teething necklace, made out of Amber. Specially designed with knots in between each bead. Can you tell me please if you know of a supplier in New Zealand."

Tricky, hadn't heard of these - so did a bit of research on The Nappy Network and found out there is someone on Trade Me selling these. (run a search on amber teething)

For more information on the benefits of Amber teething necklaces, see

Monday, January 29, 2007

Organic River Festival - 27/28th Jan 2007

The 7th Annual Organic River festival was held at the weekend, at the Kimberley Reserve near Levin (north of Wellington).

Lots of stalls (not all organic), food, speakers, and of course swimming in the river (and plenty mud for those who felt like rolling around in it!). The music went until late for those who could stay(making the most of the $20 entry fee).

For us with a 3 year old, it was an expensive couple of hours (although my obaby really enjoyed spashing about in the river). Did you go? What did you think? Post your comments here.

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Hybrid Cars

Just found a Hybrid Cars Blog. Some interesting reading if you are thinking about purchasing one. Do you own a hybrid already? Our readers would love to hear your comments.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Organic Hand Sugaring - natural alternative to waxing!

I just had my first organic sugaring experience, so for something different, I'll tell you about it.

Organic Hand Sugaring is virtually unheard of in NZ - there is only one current practitioner, who just happens to be in my neighbourhood - Lower Hutt!

It is an ancient Middle Eastern method of hair removal that has been updated to the 21st century. As a sign of purity and cleanliness, a Middle Eastern bride-to-be would have all her body hair removed and and organic hand sugaring was the most effective way fo achieving this with the least amount of discomfort (although like waxing of course there is some discomfort).

Organic Hand Sugaring definitely leaves the skin feeling softer and silkier as the sugar paste exfoliates at the same time.

It is made from all natural ingredients - lemon juice, sugar and water. Jane (who runs her home-based practice in Lower Hutt) also uses special corn-starch powder (not talcum) before applying the paste. All her soaps and lotions are SLS free.

Jane who has international qualifications in Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Organic Sugaring also practices reflexology and aromatherapy massage at her Maungaraki (Lower Hutt) home.
No web site. Phone 04 566 9876 for enquiries.

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