Friday, July 06, 2007

Recycling # 5 plastic containers

Your local council will recycle plastics with #1 or #2 on the botttom.
Up until now there's been no-where to recycle the #5's.

Fortunately, Cyclops Yoghurts have come up with a solution. They have now established a recycling system in Wellington in conjunction with Commonsense Organics.

They will even recycle other companies polypropylene packaging. That means as long as it is clean and has no paper labels you can take all your clean # 5 packaging to any of the four Commonsense Organics Stores for recycling.

It is also worth mentioning that Commonsense Organics stores also take clean, used jam jars and plastic bags (which are recycled as grocery bags by other customers).

Please post comments about any other organics stores around NZ offering recyling services, so we can let others know.

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