Monday, October 15, 2007

Tips to reduce climate change

The BIGGEST change you can make is to leave you car at home for trips less than 2km. Apparently this is one-third of all the car trips we make!

This would save 1710kg (of Co2) or $1200 per year for the average NZ family.

Buy a more fuel-efficent car - see our article on Greener Motoring.
Just switching to a car that uses 6 litre of fuel per 100km rather than 8 litres would save the average family 640kg Co2 or $450.

Also, turn off your car when idling for more than 10 seconds (Zoe-B Weekly)

Other tips include:
- reduce your use of electric heaters (with electricity prices most of us are doing that anyway!)
- take shorter showers and use an aerated flow showerhead
- wash clothes in cold water
- replace your five most used light bulbs with compact fluorescent ones
- put insulating wrap around your hwc
- turn off appliances (esp your computer) when not in use
- check the energy efficient ratings on appliances when you buy them
- buy local!

see if you would like a copy of their Pocket Guide.

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