Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Energy Saving/Eco Bulbs - are they really that eco?

I have just been checking out EcoBob's forum ... some interesting stuff. If you haven't heard of EcoBob, the name EcoBob stands for ‘eco’, an abbreviation for ‘ecologically friendly’ and the acronym ‘bob’ which stands for ‘best of both’.

Anyway, a interesting fact on energy saving bulbs. Did you know that they contain mercury and should not be thrown in your household rubbish?

from the Eco Bulb web site:
Disposing of Energy Saving Bulbs at the End of their life Energy saving bulbs need special disposal, do not dispose with household rubbish. Dispose at your local refuse station; ask staff if they have recycling facilities as most materials can be recycled.
Disposing of Energy Saving Bulbs: The primary hazard associated with broken Ecobulbs is broken glass, so be sure to wear gloves when collecting fragments. In addition, broken bulbs fragments should be swept into a bag (NOT VACUUMED) and again taken to your local refuse station for recycling.

Surely, there should be some warning on the packaging? I checked the energy saving bulbs (Signature Range) in my cupboard. No mention of mercury, just some recycling symbols relating to the packaging!!!

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