Sunday, April 01, 2007

ecostore on shorty street

has anyone else noticed (or is it just me) that whenever actors on Shortland Street are wiping down the kitchen or cafe tables - they are using ecostore products. (oops.. I confess, I'm a watcher, sometimes the brain just needs to blob by 7.30). Whilst I think it's fantastic that none of the actors on Shortland St are exposed to chemical chemical sprays, I can't help wishing deeply that this was the case in REAL LIFE! How many times have you sat down in a cafe to have your table (or one nearby) sprayed with some noxious orange or blue stuff (containing who knows what? ), the waiter sparing no thought for spray drift. Try not to even think about the fact your food has been prepared and handled on surfaces sprayed with this stuff (yuk!)

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