Saturday, May 26, 2007

Artifical sweeteners

A recent letter in the Organic NZ magazine alerted me to the fact that aspartame makes a great ant killer!

Not too much of a concern I thought until I realised that aspartame is actually common ingredients in many food items (not just diet drinks and low-calorie items).

I started to look around and wow - peppermints, chewing gum - all contain aspartame (950) or similar artifical sweeteners.

Not only that my daughter had a cough .... and do you think I could find a cough medicine in the chemists that didn't contain artifical sweetener.

It was enough to send me running for the nearest health shop (or sanctuary I should call it) where I found joy in a the form of a pottle of Annies peppermints (made with xyitol) and cough medicine sweetened with organic apple juice.

Pure bliss, followed by an uninterrrupted nights' sleep!

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