Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Eco Bubs new merino range

Eco Bubs have just launched their Merino clothing range, and are looking forward to designing and launching their organic cotton range, later in the year.

Browse through their products knowing that the items are handmade in New Zealand with loving care.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

stylish baby gifts from Wildpoppies

Couldn't resist a blog about this these gorgeous baby gifts from Wildpoppies.

Many of the boxes include Nature Baby products and I especially love the Nature Baby Box and Vintage Pink box (Nationwide next day delivery).

One to bookmark for future baby gifts ...

Reducing carbon emissions in your kitchen

Reducing carbon emissions is a hot topic... I'd like to think we are all trying to do our "part" in reducing carbon emissions. But this can pose a real dilemma, what do you put first - your family's health or the global environment?

The Dom Post (28 July 2007) suggests we reduce our carbon imprint by using a microwave instead of a conventional oven to cook our food (reducing energy use by 70%). Most of us are aware of the dangers of microwave cooking. Sorry, you can't convince me to switch to microwave cooking.

Likewise, I confess, I choose buying organic over buying local (both would be nice but not always possible!).

what do you think???

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Concerns about GM High Lysine Corn

Today on National Radio, listen to this report on concerns by NZ scientists, over approval of the the sale and use of food derived from LY038 high lysine corn (for human consumption).

This corn has only been approved for animal consumption and has not been tested in its' cooked form. The scientists interviewed say there is ample scientific evidence to indicate that cooking high lysine corn will produce compounds which are highly hazardous to humans.

We will be the guinea-pigs that the corn is trialled on!!!

The decision will be made by Ministerial Council on Monday 23rd July (at the earliest)

Please note that this audio report is only available for a week.

For additional background information, see the Green Party web site.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Juniper Gallery

I like to mention new or fabulous NZ businesses I hear about, and here's one...

Juniper Gallery in Newtown, Wellington is not only a full service florist but are happily a "green" florist. Mindy (the owner) believes that a flower will survive for it's optimum time if given heaps of TLC, fresh water DAILY and kept in tepid conditions out of direct sunlight and not kept in a chiller using needless energy. She believes educating our customers on how they can preserve flowers naturally is most helpful and better for the environment.

They are also developing ways of composting their green waste with others in the Newtown community.

The Gallery stocks a range of great gifts (not organic) but some very useful items for baby including their own range of "Sewcherry baby bibs" and "Newtown Kids".

You can contact Mindy on 389 4058 .

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Melbourne Travel Log

I've just returned from 5 days in Melbourne. Great city but mental note to remember a brolly next time! I flew with Air New Zealand who have the good sense to choose Living Nature Products for their in-flight bathrooms - which was fortunate because I'd stashed all my toiletries in my luggage (due to the new regulations). I was travelling my two older children, so stayed in a great (upmarket) backpackers. Since I don't have a laptop, one advantage of staying at the backpackers is the internet room - I was able to check and reply to all my business emails. Had to detour from my largely organic diet for a couple of days but found some great organic stores on Days 2 and 3 - one at Spencer St Station (formerly Southern Cross) and one in Bridge St. Also spotted a restaurant in Fitzroy (Brunswick St) which is a great shopping area if you prefer vintage and recycled clothing ... I was in shopping heaven! Unfortunately my daughter is more of a Cotton On, Just Jeans, imported from China kind-of-girl but she'll see the (green) light one day!

Chinese Imported Foodstuffs & other goods

Listen to this alarming interview on Radio New Zealand on Tuesday 10th, regarding the import of foodstuffs (seafood, whitebait) and other goods from China.

This interview can heard on the Radio New Zealand web site for the next six days only.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Recycling # 5 plastic containers

Your local council will recycle plastics with #1 or #2 on the botttom.
Up until now there's been no-where to recycle the #5's.

Fortunately, Cyclops Yoghurts have come up with a solution. They have now established a recycling system in Wellington in conjunction with Commonsense Organics.

They will even recycle other companies polypropylene packaging. That means as long as it is clean and has no paper labels you can take all your clean # 5 packaging to any of the four Commonsense Organics Stores for recycling.

It is also worth mentioning that Commonsense Organics stores also take clean, used jam jars and plastic bags (which are recycled as grocery bags by other customers).

Please post comments about any other organics stores around NZ offering recyling services, so we can let others know.

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