Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Juniper Gallery

I like to mention new or fabulous NZ businesses I hear about, and here's one...

Juniper Gallery in Newtown, Wellington is not only a full service florist but are happily a "green" florist. Mindy (the owner) believes that a flower will survive for it's optimum time if given heaps of TLC, fresh water DAILY and kept in tepid conditions out of direct sunlight and not kept in a chiller using needless energy. She believes educating our customers on how they can preserve flowers naturally is most helpful and better for the environment.

They are also developing ways of composting their green waste with others in the Newtown community.

The Gallery stocks a range of great gifts (not organic) but some very useful items for baby including their own range of "Sewcherry baby bibs" and "Newtown Kids".

You can contact Mindy on 389 4058 .

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