Saturday, June 16, 2007

Thomas Tank Engine Recall

After my attempt to get more light-hearted ... here's a recall to take note of and spread the word - Lead paint warning - Thomas & Friends Recall.

For NZ readers, check out the information on this recall from Consumer.

I read about this on a Blog I recently discovered - Eco Child's Play. They have some interesting information including an article on play structures and tanalised timber which I will be following up on soon (from a NZ perspective).

Dear Greenpeace...

Today I decided a more light-hearted blog was in order!

Dear Greenpeace by Simon James is a wonderful book. We received a copy many years ago - as a gift and it has become a family favourite. It is a story about Emily and her delightful letters to Greenpeace about the whale she firmly believes is living in her fishpond.

The latest version of this book comes with real envelopes, letters and postage stamps which will make the book even more exciting for toddlers.

Available through
or Fishpond (NZ $19.99).

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Energy Saving/Eco Bulbs - are they really that eco?

I have just been checking out EcoBob's forum ... some interesting stuff. If you haven't heard of EcoBob, the name EcoBob stands for ‘eco’, an abbreviation for ‘ecologically friendly’ and the acronym ‘bob’ which stands for ‘best of both’.

Anyway, a interesting fact on energy saving bulbs. Did you know that they contain mercury and should not be thrown in your household rubbish?

from the Eco Bulb web site:
Disposing of Energy Saving Bulbs at the End of their life Energy saving bulbs need special disposal, do not dispose with household rubbish. Dispose at your local refuse station; ask staff if they have recycling facilities as most materials can be recycled.
Disposing of Energy Saving Bulbs: The primary hazard associated with broken Ecobulbs is broken glass, so be sure to wear gloves when collecting fragments. In addition, broken bulbs fragments should be swept into a bag (NOT VACUUMED) and again taken to your local refuse station for recycling.

Surely, there should be some warning on the packaging? I checked the energy saving bulbs (Signature Range) in my cupboard. No mention of mercury, just some recycling symbols relating to the packaging!!!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Baby Powder

In the latest issue of OrganicNZ, they listed baby powder with talc as one of the top cancer-causing products in the average home (Organic NZ May/June 07, p32)

I always wondered about baby powder - especially as it seemed unneccessary in any case. The sad thing is alot people use talc out of habit without really thinking about it.

Check out this link for more information.

Bisphenol-A in bottles

Received an email this week and timely reminder about polycarbonate baby bottles.

Is it safe to use plastic baby bottles? Many parents are unaware that Bisphenol-A leeches out of baby bottles over time, particulary when heated. Links to more information on

Unfortunately, many parents heat baby's milk (and food) in a microwave, when a gentle heat in a beaker of warm water works just as well.

Glass bottles are freely available and quite safe - you just can;t let toddlers wonder around with them - which is a good habit not to get into anyway.

For older children: there is a new type of sipper bottle - I have just ordered one for my toddler -

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