Sunday, May 27, 2007

Gift Promotion - June

Purchase any gift in June, and be in to win a fabulous organic t-shirt. Draw open to NZ residents only.

We have one t-shirt to give away "Recyling is Rad" in a gorgeous red (will fit NZ size 2-3). Made in the US by

To enter, simply order any gift from our gift gallery in June and please copy us in on the email (as proof of purchase).

Te Ra

A belated blog on a great day out at the Te Ra School Fair in Raumati.

The weather was lousy and we arrived late but we had a fabulous time sampling all that was on offer - gorgeous Steiner inspired crafts and treasures, organic produce and ice cream of course!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Artifical sweeteners

A recent letter in the Organic NZ magazine alerted me to the fact that aspartame makes a great ant killer!

Not too much of a concern I thought until I realised that aspartame is actually common ingredients in many food items (not just diet drinks and low-calorie items).

I started to look around and wow - peppermints, chewing gum - all contain aspartame (950) or similar artifical sweeteners.

Not only that my daughter had a cough .... and do you think I could find a cough medicine in the chemists that didn't contain artifical sweetener.

It was enough to send me running for the nearest health shop (or sanctuary I should call it) where I found joy in a the form of a pottle of Annies peppermints (made with xyitol) and cough medicine sweetened with organic apple juice.

Pure bliss, followed by an uninterrrupted nights' sleep!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Let's get Crafty

I have just came across two fabulous books that look like a "must have" for any organic mum who can knit, sew or felt.
Nature Babies: Natural Knits and Organic Crafts for Moms, Babies, and a Better World - from These craft ideas incorporate the reduce, reuse, recycle principle. Love the sound of that.

Natural Knits for Babies and Moms: Beautiful Designs Using Organic Yarns - from Yum!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

New Organic Baby clothing store online

Check out Organic Baby Cupboard for a gorgeous selection of new and recycled labels from Organic & More, Under the Nile and Dimples. Gift certficates available.

Best ranking Childrens' Cereals have just launched a new Food & Kids section which has a great review on kids' cereals. Worth checking out because after all, breakfast is a most important start to your child's day.

P.S. My daughter gets very bored with cereals but just loves her Gorilla Munch!

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