Thursday, December 06, 2007

earth friendly actvities at The Blueberry Farm over summer

The Blueberry Farm are running fun eco-friendly activities for 3 years+ run throughout January and February.

Activities are include: learning to make a simple vege garden from a hay bale, making organic blueberry icecream and worm farm races!

These activities are being run by "Between the Blues", an Organic Environmental Education trust that has created an engaging hands-on living laboratory on the Blueberry Farm.
The goal of this classroom without walls is to develop children’s
􀂙 environmental awareness and sensitivity,
􀂙 deepen their knowledge and understanding ,
􀂙 create earth friendly attitudes and values,
􀂙 develop their environmental skills and commitment
by allowing them to experience creating an organic environment first hand by participating in fun and thought provoking activities on the Certified Organic grounds of the Blueberry Farm in Upper Hutt.

Entry by Koha (donation) to the trust.

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