Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Fruity Gumboot

Remember the days when you visited your Grandparents with their had a huge 1.4 acre section with fruit trees laden with fruit. They probably served up sumptuous afternoon teas (mine did) with scones and homemade jams, and homemade lemonade and fruit crumble was an everyday indulgence!

Fruit trees are longer a thing of the past! If you live in AUCKLAND, and would love to have your own fruit trees but lack the know-how or time ... Fruity Gumboot to the rescue!

Fruity Gumboot makes it easy to raise organic fruit trees in the family – Their packages include planting, maintenance and a guarantee!

Fruity Gumboot have 8 popular fruit tree packages to choose from. Before planting they make a complimentary visit to your garden to advise on the best location for your preferred fruit trees, taking into consideration soil type, sun, space and how your garden is used.

They plant strong healthy trees in optimised site conditions and every Fruity Gumboot fruit tree package comes with a year of care and maintenance (using organic methods) to ensure that your fruit trees have the best start in life. Best of all they pledge a Thrive-or-Replace Guarantee!

An organic approach recognises the value of a garden rich in diversity. Fruity Gumboot promotes a harmonious ecological system through companion planting. Each fruit tree is under-planted with flowers such as marigolds, phacelia and nasturtiums to encourage beneficial insects into your garden.

While I myself have a thriving vegetable garden but no fruit tree know-how, all I can say is please open a Wellington branch, please, please, please!

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