Friday, June 05, 2009

ReCyCled KiDs FiNds

Lone Moose

Our Petone store has three great new labels which due to their uniqueness are not available online (unless you are flexible about colourways!)

Lone Moose - Recreated Wool Hoodies (
These hoodies are recreated from old jumpers which have been pulled apart and restitched into a new garment. Honestly the fabrics are so perfect you'd never know! $55-

Prairie (not online)
Cut gorgeous vintage cloth fabric from the 70's mostly and create panel skirts , baggy pants and swing tops/dresses. From $24 (pants)

Radha Designs (not online)
Create "goddess" and "god" knickers from fabric offcuts. Owner, Caroline works in the clothing industry and couldn't bear to see all the scraps going to landfill, so she started creating!
...and yes they cater for babies too....merino hoodies made with scraps from Caroline's own womens' clothing label are turned to hoody's with a vintage contrast on the hood. YuM!
Goddess knickers $26 , God boxers $32, Baby Hoodies $45

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