Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thrifty Green Thursday Carnival

The Green Baby Guide ( are running a "Thrifty Green Thursday Carnival". Even though, babies, gas, food of any kind, and air travel are becoming ridiculously expensive, At they believe it’s possible to save the planet and a wad of cash with a few creative ideas. (we do too!)

So how can families (or individuals for that matter) can save money while "going green"?

As a family, we at Organic Baby have gone back to the days of food co-ops. Rather than ordering a fruit/vege box for our family each week (at $30-$55). We have a large fortnightly fruit delivery box which we share between three families (costing us just over $18 per family per fortnight). We grown our own vege and buy more as & when required (no waste).

Check out our NZ directory for fruit & vege delivery services.
(or in the US).

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