Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Inspirational Blogs

I clicked my way to two blogs this week which I found very inspiring!

The photos on this blog conjure up memories of the old television series - "The Waltons" but actually Erin (the mom and writer) is a 20 something mother-of-one, living a back-to-nature lifestyle (and far too young to remember the Waltons...) Erin, hubbie and "little one" live in a solar powered house on 8 acres in Maine.

The photography on this site is just stunning and Erin makes her little girls clothes (and sells these wonderful handmade creations on esty.com). http://www.bluebirdbaby.typepad.com/

Wardolf mom blogspot is extremely cute and inspiring too! - http://waldorfmama.blogspot.com/

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